Ideas For Healthy Living

Studies have shown that no amount of vitamins or supplements can compensate for healthy eating. Lettuce Souprise You cares about our community and wants our customers to live healthy and active lives. Our menu selections are chosen with this philosophy in mind. Links to articles that support healthy eating versus nutritional supplements follow.

Medical Studies


Mayo Clinic

Supplements: Nutrition in a pill?


Anderson and J. Roach

Food vs. Pills


Rebecca Markway Lee, RD, LDN

Fruits & Vegetables vs. Supplements


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Validation of the Healthy Eating Index with use of plasma biomarkers in a clinical sample of women


Everyday Common Sense Ideas


Doctor Oz

The 100 Foods Dr. Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart



What is Healthy Food: Common Sense


Doctor Mao

6 Salads that Help You Live Longer